Your Essential Study Guide for Ireland

Your Essential Study Guide for Ireland

For students who have decided to study abroad in Ireland, here’s our short and simple Guide to help you have a successful and unforgettable time. CIC Visa, Ireland study visa consultant in Amritsar is here to help.

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1. Make a plan and master the fundamentals

Moving overseas to school might be intimidating no matter where you are if you’re not well-prepared beforehand. Indian students should schedule their studies in Ireland at least a year in advance. This includes selecting the appropriate course of study, submitting applications to the universities of your choosing, organizing your files, obtaining a visa, supplying the required evidence of affordability, searching for research or industry job opportunities, etc. 

2. Studying where and what

Ireland, an island nation, is home to many prestigious international universities and more than 5,000 study programs!

Although Dublin, the “student hub,” continues to be the most popular location, there are other options as well. Other prestigious universities can be found in places like Galway, Cork, and Limerick. You can pursue a three-year bachelor’s degree, a one- to two-year master’s degree, or a doctorate/PhD program. Shorter certificate and diploma programs with international certification and recognition are also offered by numerous universities.

3. Submitting a University Application

After deciding on a course to take and narrowing down your desired location and university, you must extensively investigate the various programs offered by these institutions to find out specifics about the courses, credits, deadlines, tuition, and other requirements. You can look for information online or get in touch with the college admissions office.

4. Fees and expenses

Studying in Ireland is less expensive than in most other foreign countries, and Indians will find it to be a true “value for money” option given the abundance of career possibilities and post-study work options.

Generally speaking, annual course prices range from €10,000 to €20,000. Indian students can apply for a number of merit-based scholarships from Irish colleges. You can submit an online application outlining your qualifications for the scholarship and the advantages it will provide the university.

Accommodations, travel, personal expenses, and the cost of required medical insurance are additional costs. These average between €7,000 and €12,000 annually.

5. Obtaining a visa

Studying abroad in Ireland requires an online application, which you must complete along with the necessary evidence of money and other documentation. Usually, this application is for a long-stay single-entry student visa. To demonstrate that you have enough money to meet your expenses for a year, you must have at least €7,000 in your bank account. Additional paperwork includes an acceptance letter, evidence of the first tuition payment installment, a passport, job information, and proof of health insurance.

6. Living and accommodation

For international students, the majority of colleges offer housing options, and many choose to live on campus. You get to engage with other students and explore various cultures in this way. But because of the high demand, these are frequently hard to come by, therefore you have to apply as soon as possible.

7. To-do List: Before leaving India

You’re probably excited about going to Ireland. Nevertheless, good fortune favors the prepared, so before you leave, make sure you have everything on your checklist:

  • Purchase health insurance.
  • Complete your living settings.
  • Prepare all of your paperwork, including your university letter, passport, visa, and tickets.
  • Ireland’s emergency contacts and important addresses list
  • Pay off all outstanding papers in India.
  • Make sure you bring everything you need, including charging adapters.


CIC Visa the best study abroad consultant in Amritsar offers various foreign education services. As consultants, we can assist students in realizing their aspirations of pursuing higher education. This is your essential study guide for Ireland.

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