UK  Tier 4 Student Visa

UK  Tier 4 Student Visa

The process of being accepted into a UK institution is exciting. For many people, attending college in one of the top nations in the world is a dream and a step toward success. Apply for a Tier 4 student visa through CIC Visa the best Student Visa Consultant in Amritsar to make it happen.

For overseas students, the UK is an excellent destination. Two of the numerous reasons to choose the UK as your study location are its world-class universities, which routinely place in the top ten lists of universities globally, and its long history of supporting international students. You can travel the rest of Europe, work to supplement your income, and take in the diverse culture of the United Kingdom.

Two types of Tier 4 visas

Depending on your age, you can apply for one of two types of visas. You can study at a UK institution with a Tier 4 (General) student visa if you are above 16. To attend an independent school in the UK, you may apply for a Tier 4 (Child) student visa if you are between the ages of four and seventeen.

Tier 4 (General) student visa

Your path to a UK university education is through this visa. The prerequisites are as follows:

• You possess written, reading, and spoken English.

• You make enough money to live in the UK and pay for your education.

• You’re not from Switzerland or the EEA.

• A licensed Tier 4 sponsor has extended you an offer.

Confirmation of admission for studies (CAS) is what you’ll obtain after you apply to a university and get accepted. After confirmation, you have six months to apply for your general student visa using this form.

Tier 4 (Child) student visa

Those under seventeen who wish to attend a UK school must apply for this visa. Here’s how to be eligible:

• Your parent or guardian has permitted you.

• You’re not from Switzerland or the EEA.

• You’re accepted into the school.

• You have enough cash to support yourself while studying in the UK.

Any course taught by the independent school education inspection criteria, the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), or the UK national curriculum will be acceptable to you; nevertheless, your school needs to be a licensed Tier 4 sponsor.

Why the United Kingdom?

Outstanding instruction

To begin with, the universities are first-rate. Even the lesser-known universities make excellent selections; among the more well-known ones are Oxford, Imperial, and Cambridge. Because the UK has a long history of embracing overseas students, there is a great deal of assistance for these students.

Possibility of employment

The ability to work up to 20 hours a week is one of the best aspects of the Tier 4 visa. Having a source of income throughout your studies can help you pay for part of your living expenses or offer you extra cash for leisure activities. Understanding the work culture in the UK is a great first step towards more options once your degree is completed.

A thriving culture

The UK is a cultural powerhouse. There is a lot to participate in because people from all over the world have contributed to the cuisine and history. There would never be a dull time in the UK thanks to its interesting history, which you could spend years learning about.

Journey center

When studying in the UK, seeing the rest of Europe is simple. You can travel to a holiday spot on a low-cost flight or take the train to explore beautiful towns in Europe.


The Tier 4 visa is an excellent way to make your international study ambition a reality. Applying through a registered immigration advisor makes the process easy. Ensuring you get everything right the first time so you can focus on preparing for your new experience. CIC Visa is the best  UK study visa consultant in Amritsar.

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