Malta Study Visa

Higher introduction was introduced in Malta and impacted by the British education system. In 1996, with the introduction of computers, creating excellent change in the university ambience and opening several doors to careers in the fields like technology, computer information systems and advanced programming. The biggest educational institution in Malta that offers Bachelor of Science degrees is the University of Malta. It is a member of the association of Commonwealth Universities and is the single institution of higher education in the area. Admission to the university is decided by Matriculation exam results for the students willing to pursue career field in most of the fields but can be based on maturity level and experience in the fields like Sciences and Arts.

Malta is known as the “Hidden gem in the Mediterranean” as it is surrounded by geographical locations like Alexandria and Sicily and also the fact that it is lovely. Moreover, it is an excellent place to study that makes it stand out from rest of the world due to the natural landscape, oceanfront views and lovely lakes. Health insurance is completely free to the Maltese residents. International students would require some private insurance but the health care in Malta is widely considered to be the fifth best in the world. Malta is a pretty peaceful country surrounded by beauty and there is a wide range of career options students might select to emphasize on. The computer technology and electronics field are becoming a very popular major, and is the field of education, Medicine and Engineering. No matter the preference a student wants to emphasize on, they will find many options with an education from the University of Malta. Some students plan to take up permanent residency in Malta once they finish their educational needs. There are several reasons for this, one of which is the free health care and other factors that entice many to make Malta their permanent home. No matter you just want to study there or live there for good, Malta has much to offer that will be the kind of educational experience that you will never forget.

Documents necessary for your student visa for Malta are:

  • Proof that you have paid the visa fee
  • You will also have to submit the proof of your financial status implies showing that you will be able to support yourself financially while you stay in Malta. This can be your bank statement for the past three months, or the bank statement that you sponsor, also covering the past three months.
  • You will have to submit an accommodation proof during your visit to Malta. It may be a hostel or hotel booking, a letter of invitation, a rental agreement, from a family member and friend that is inviting you etc.
  • You should spend on your travel insurance policy, which has a coverage of 30, 0000 Euros for medical emergencies, like accidents, diseases or repatriation in case of death.
  • You will have to attach the proofs of your hotel reservations, trip tickets and tour itinerary in Malta.
  • A passport that should not be more than 10 years old, and should have a validity of at least 3 more months than the duration for which you meant to stay in Malta.
  • Two latest passport sized photographs taken in the past three months should be attached to the visa application form
  • A signed and filled visa application form.

Eligibility for Student Visa

The eligibility needs for student visa are pretty simple, but there is a long list of paperwork needed to get a visa. Some of these are:

  • Verification of present address
  • An official declaration from the college or school in respect to the student applying
  • Proof of payment of the course
  • An official course confirmation letter or invitation from the school the student plans to attend
  • A signed student visa application form
  • A Passport photo
  • A copy of particular data
  • An original passport by the government of Malta

Mata Admission Requirements

Popular Universities in Malta

The best university choice is the University of Malta and that is where most people decide to go unless they are travelling abroad to study.