Quality Standards Of Study Abroad Consultants

Quality Standards Of Study Abroad Consultants

Every year, millions of people want to study abroad, particularly after graduating from high school. This desire is especially obvious in emerging nations such as India, where admittance to premier universities is extremely hard. Foreign countries, on the other hand, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, are home to a large number of the world’s finest institutions. This enables pupils to secure admission to one of their esteemed institutes and obtain a superior education.

Despite being a great candidate. A substantial majority of students who want to study abroad fail to acquire the entrance requirements and finish the application on time. Thousands of such students are assisted by CIC Visa the best study abroad consultants in Amritsar. In confirming admission to their desired university and establishing vibrant professions. CIC Visa has compiled a list of the elements that influence it. The quality of service offered by study abroad consultants in Amritsar

  1. One-on-one personalised counselling: Before recommending a student, a study abroad counsellor should evaluate specific factors, such as his or her current qualification, grade in +2 examinations, financial limits, and other parts of the candidate’s personality that are intrinsically relevant.
  2. Well-researched institution selection: It is critical to confirm the field of study and shortlist the universities to apply to.
  3. Essay editing and application development: It is critical for study abroad education consultants to recognise the significance of essay writing and support.  Experts on the admission panel regard these factors as “fundamental” and give them significant weightage when awarding admission.  According to CIC Visa’s seasoned team of consultants, certified study abroad consultants should not ignore this component of the application.
  4. Interview preparation: It is best to presume that a student who has completed class 12 is inexperienced enough to face the admissions panel for an interview. To prepare the individual for this nerve-racking interview procedure, the counsellor must supply extensive knowledge and perform numerous mock interviews.
  5. Getting the resume reviewed by a professional: A resume is a brief biography of the applicant’s experiences and accomplishments.  As a result, it must be proofread and approved by a professional before being finalised to impress the admission committee.  The CV must be relevant to the admission requirements and leave an impression on the reader.
  6. Ongoing consultation: The student must be dynamically updated and guided throughout the admissions process. Till he is enrolled in the institution on a foreign land.
  7. Scholarship facilitation: The majority of universities offer scholarships to qualified international students. It is the study abroad admission consultant’s role to educate the applicant and advise them in obtaining scholarships and financial help, if possible.
  8. Up-to-date information on Immigration Policies: Navigating the complexities of immigration regulations is an essential part of studying abroad. Quality study abroad consultants, such as CIC Visa, are up to date on the most recent changes in immigration regulations for various countries. This current expertise guarantees that students receive correct and timely advice on visa applications, work permits, and other immigration-related issues.


Selecting the correct study abroad consultant is an important step in ensuring a successful and fulfilling international educational experience. CIC Visa the best Student Visa Consultant in Amritsar. Maintains the highest quality standards in giving expert counsel and support to prospective students. CIC Visa is dedicated to enhancing the educational process of every student who seeks their assistance. From personalised consultations to transparent communication and a full range of services. By putting your faith in a reputable study abroad consultant. You open the door to a world of opportunities and pave the path for a life-changing academic journey.
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