Germany Student Visa Checklist, Requirements, Process

Germany Student Visa Checklist, Requirements, Process

Every year, millions of people go to Germany, a nation rich in culture and history, for a variety of reasons, including employment, tourism, education, and medical care. Owing to its sovereignty, Germany has laws governing entry for tourists, and a visa may be required depending on the visitor’s nationality and intended use of the travel. CIC Visa, the best Germany study visa consultant in Amritsar is here to help you.

Germany’s several student visa options

Germany offers international applicants three primary categories of student visas. They are listed below:

1. Visa for Language Courses

Students who wish to enrol in three- to one-year language preparatory courses in Germany must get these visas.

2. Visa for Students

This kind of visa is given to people who don’t select a post-secondary education path or get an admission letter from a German university. This student application visa is valid for three months.

3. Type D-Visa, German National Student Visa

Applicants may apply for this visa provided they have received an acceptance letter from their university. 

Documents needed to apply for a study visa in Germany

Your visa application must be submitted in person. There is a €75 visa cost (payable in INR). Furthermore, you must submit two sets of application materials that include the following files:

  • A valid passport
  • A4-sized copy of the information page from your passport
  • Application form
  • A statement attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the data submitted
  • Cover letter outlining the rationale for your request for a visa. It might be necessary for you to offer a translation of this document into German.
  • An acceptance letter from a German university
  • German language test results as evidence of language proficiency. 
  • Evidence of finances
  • Three passport photos that are no more than six months old and meet biometric requirements
  • Demand Draft for the Cost of a Student Visa

Process of getting a German Student Visa

  • Please have the above-mentioned papers for your visa application as soon as you receive the admission letter from your German university.
  • Obtain images that satisfy the official website’s biometric photo specifications.
  • Complete the National Visa Application Form. Take a print of it, sign it, and turn it in with the other paperwork.
  • Kindly print and sign the Declaration on True and Complete Information, which is also available on the official website.
  • Make an appointment at the German Mission for your visa interview.
  • Get the Demand Draft and check the official German Mission website for the current visa fee exchange rate shortly before your appointment.


For overseas students, especially Indians, Germany is the most popular destination for higher education. Germany had created a simple and convenient procedure for awarding study visas to prospective students by keeping this viewpoint in mind. To know more contact CIC Visa, the best study visa consultants in Amritsar.

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