Everything You Should Know About Europe Study Visa

Everything You Should Know About Europe Study Visa

European nations including Denmark, France, Germany, and Finland are great places to study abroad. There are 688 QS Ranking Universities in Europe overall. Additionally, the area grants employment visas for two years following studies. One needs a European study visa in order to study in Europe, also known as a Schengen visa. CIC Visa, the best Europe study visa consultant in Amritsar are here to assist you:

What is a Study Visa for Europe?

The Schengen visa is another name for a student visa to Europe. The visa allows a student to spend no more than three months studying in Europe. Those who wish to pursue extended studies abroad must apply for a long-stay study visa in the relevant nation. A Schengen visa application can be made by foreign students who fall under the category of “Non-EU students.” 

Types of Europe Study Visa

  • Type A Schengen Visa: Airport transit visas, or Schengen Visa Type A visas, enable holders to travel through airports within the Schengen Zone. If an individual must wait for a connecting flight at an airport in one of the participating nations, the visa is given.
  • Type B Schengen Visa: Holders of this type of visa are free to travel between member nations. This is a five-day valid visa.
  • Type C Schengen Visa: The most popular kind is the short-stay visa. With this visa, you can spend up to 90 days out of 180 days travelling freely throughout the Schengen member states. There are three types of type C visas: multiple-entry, double-entry, and single-entry.
  • Type D Schengen Visa: The extended stay study visa is another name for the type D visa. Those who wish to travel to any Schengen nation for educational purposes and stay longer than ninety days are eligible to apply for the visa. The visa can be used for up to one year.

Document Requirements for Study Visas to Europe

An application for a Schengen long-stay visa must be made if you intend to study in the Schengen area for an extended period (greater than 90 days). You are legally allowed to remain in any Schengen member nation with a visa.

The following paperwork is needed to apply for a visa. 

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport’s data page and a valid passport is necessary.
  • Provide three passport-sized photos under the guidelines.
  • Offer letter from the college you’re interested in applying to
  • Cover letter outlining the purpose of study and length of stay in the member nation
  • Evidence of payment for tuition (if applicable)
  • Evidence of fluency in English (IELTS/TOEFL test results)
  • Any further academic credentials, if any
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to pay for the stay, including living and educational costs. You can also submit proof of your scholarship or stipend for this.
  • A certificate of police clearance from the county where the person resides
  • Any more conditions imposed by the participating nation.

Europe Study Visa Processing Time 

A Schengen visa or European student visa takes six to eight weeks to process. As a result, candidates are urged to submit their applications ahead of the anticipated start date of their studies. 


Europe is a popular destination for students due to its affordable tuition fees, high-quality education, globally recognized degrees, and extensive educational opportunities. To apply for a European student visa consult CIC Visa, the Best Study Visa Consultants in Amritsar.

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