Denmark Study Visa Consultants in Amritsar

Denmark Study Visa Consultants in Amritsar

Indian students have numerous reasons to select Denmark as their study-abroad country. As per its lengthy tradition of degree programs, Denmark offers international students a supportive and engaging study environment. In terms of lifestyle, it has also been ranked as the second happiest nation in the world, thus aside from getting a Denmark study visa consultant in Amritsar, what else do we need to participate in Denmark’s exceptional and promising educational system?

Why is Denmark good for Indian students?

Indian students have a greater chance of succeeding in Denmark since the country values foreign students who possess skills outside of the classroom. Its educational system emphasises pragmatism in accordance with the notion that Indian students are adepts.
Denmark is also well-known for its excellent quality of life and free public higher education throughout Europe, which makes it an excellent choice for students from India. Danish universities support problem-based learning and prepare their students for the demands of the workforce. One other benefit for Indian students is that the majority of its programs are taught in English. Denmark also offers fantastic social security programs, a free healthcare system, and excellent prospects for part-time work, particularly for international students.
If all these make you eager to get a Denmark study visa, we, can help you in the process.

Danish Green card scheme-your easy entry

Unlike in other nations, foreign students studying and working in Denmark require a “residence permit” as opposed to a study visa. The Danish Green Card Scheme is one of the most promising visa categories that permits individuals to work and study in Denmark. including other nations, Denmark has a selection process in which applicants must receive a minimum score of 100 on a test that takes into account factors including age, skill level in the language, job history, education, and flexibility. Your visa is scheduled if you make it through this. You can expedite and simplify the procedure by seeking advice from Amritsar-based advisors for Denmark student visas.

Advantages of Denmark Green Card Scheme

With this visa, you can obtain a “residence permit” that is good for up to 18 months and can be extended at a later date. You can also bring your immediate family with you.

Students from outside the EU are able to work anywhere in the EU. You are not required to have a visa if you are traveling in advance to nations that are part of the Schengen area. Obtaining a Danish green card grants your family the same privileges. After seven years, you will be eligible to apply for a “residence permit” and become a recognized permanent resident of the nation. It is not necessary to have a job offer in order to apply for this visa. Thus, all of these are helpful for you to work, study, settle, and travel without any problems.

What is the right time to apply for a student visa?

Four months prior to your arrival date is the ideal time to start the “residence permit” application process. Taking into account the necessity for your documents to be delivered, sealed, signed, and submitted by biometrics. The processing time and total duration are contingent upon the nationality of the individual. The time it takes you to react to further information. And the time it takes the authorities to confirm the additional information you have submitted.

Requirements to get Denmark study visa

  • Apart from scoring 100 points, you must have a valid health insurance policy.
  • You must have an ST-1 students visa application form.
  • A certificate of language proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS, etc.
  • A letter of acceptance from the university applied.
  • Proof related to lodging arrangements during your studies.
  • An acknowledgement receipt of payment from the college you have applied for.
  • 6 white background passport size photographs.
  • Coloured photocopies of educational documents.
  • Scan copy of all pages of passport.

What is the standard cost of study and living in Denmark?

One should budget between €750 and €900 a month on average, and up to €1,200 in Copenhagen. This monthly spending cap may be a little difficult for you to show in your budget. To find out the precise amount, get in touch with any of the Denmark study visa advisors in Amritsar.

Applying for a work permit in Denmark as students

In addition to helping you pay for your education, working a part-time job while in school allows you to expand your professional and social network, receive valuable work experience, and pick up new skills.

The requirements listed below must be fulfilled to work in Denmark:

  • Non-EU/EEA and non-Nordic students are permitted to work in Denmark 20 hours a week from September to May and 37 hours a week from June to August.
  • EU/EEA, Nordic and Swiss citizens have no restriction on the number of hours they can work.

You can contact us for further details or get your Denmark study visa processed by CIC Visa the best study visa consultant for Denmark in Amritsar.

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