Canadian Study Visa Processing Time after Biometrics for Indian Students

Canadian Study Visa Processing Time after Biometrics for Indian Students

Canada is a prominent option for Indian students studying abroad because of its reputation for academic achievement, friendly multicultural atmosphere, and post-study career prospects. Because of the increased demand, knowing how long it takes to acquire a Canada study visa becomes essential while organizing your study abroad experience.

But among candidates, one of the most frequent worries is how long it will take to receive a Canada Study Visa. International students must comprehend this time frame to efficiently organize and oversee their education in Canada.

Canada study visa

The time it takes to complete a Canada study visa is a significant factor that frequently raises concerns, especially once biometrics are submitted. Biometrics, which includes taking pictures and fingerprints, is an essential step in applying for a Canada visa. While Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) official estimates are a good starting point, several variables might affect the actual processing time.

Indian students can use this blog to help plan their application for a study visa to Canada. Students can approach the CIC Visa the best student visa consultant in Amritsar with trust and faith. By knowing the elements affecting Canada study permit processing while remaining informed.

What Do Biometrics Mean for a Student Visa to Canada?

Biometrics are an essential component of the application process for anyone seeking a Canadian student visa. Digital copies of your distinct biological traits, such as your fingerprints, and digital photos, are known as biometrics. Unless they meet certain exemption requirements. All candidates for a Canada student visa, regardless of age or country, must provide their biometrics.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) benefits from biometric verification in three ways: it streamlines the application process, increases border security, and prevents identity theft and fraud. 

What Does It Cost To Get A Canada Student Visa Through Biometrics?

For a Canada student visa, there is a biometrics charge of CAD$85. This cost must be paid in addition to the standard application price for a visa. The biometrics fee is due at the time your visa application is submitted.

How to Pay Canada Biometric Fees?

The biometrics cost may be paid by applicants online or in person at a biometrics collecting service location. You will receive a letter confirming your requirement to provide your biometrics and outlining your options when you pay the biometric charge.

How Do I Schedule a Biometrics Appointment for a Canada Study Visa?

You must schedule a time to provide your biometrics. As soon as you receive your letter with biometric instructions, make an appointment. Here is a guide to assist you with your biometrics application:

1. Pay the biometric fee and open an IRCC account.

Initially, you must pay the biometric fee and register for an account on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

2. Get the Instruction Letter for Biometrics.

The IRCC will provide you with a Biometrics Instruction Letter (BIL) when you file your visa application and pay the associated expenses. Your biometrics file number (BFN) and appointment scheduling instructions are included in this message.

3. Select a Point of Biometric Service

Throughout the world, there are certain service locations where you can provide your biometrics. The IRCC website has a list of service locations along with contact details.

4. Make an Online Appointment

You can use the IRCC online booking tool to schedule your biometrics appointment. To use the tool, you must provide your BFN and personal data.

5. Confirm Appointment

Check the details of your appointment and confirm your booking after deciding on a time and date. An email confirming your appointment details will be sent to you.

You may quickly schedule your biometrics appointment. For a Canada student visa and prevent application delays by adhering to these guidelines.

Documents Needed for Your Biometrics Appointment for a Canada Student Visa

Remember to bring the following paperwork for your Canada student visa biometrics appointment to guarantee a seamless and successful process:

  • Valid Passport for you to enter Canada. Your passport must remain valid for a minimum of six months after that time.
  • Bring the filled-out and signed copy of the online visa application that you filed.
  • Bring your Biometrics Instruction Letter (BIL) to your appointment if you have received one.
  • You can speed up your application process for a Canada student visa. And ensure a successful biometrics appointment by being well-prepared and providing all required documentation.
  • Recall that this is simply intended as guidance. For the most recent requirements and revisions, it is always better to visit the IRCC website. 

Canada Study: After Biometrics, the Processing Time for Visas

The waiting period following the submission of biometrics for a study permit might be nerve-wracking for Indian students who are keen to study in Canada. Below is a summary of what to anticipate:

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

Your study permit application can be completed in 20 calendar days after the IRCC gets your biometrics and it satisfies all eligibility requirements.

Ordinary Study Permit

Your application will be handled as a regular study permit application if it is not eligible for the SDS. It may take up to 10 weeks, or more, based on the specifics of each case and the intricacy of the application.

After Canada Biometrics, What Comes Next?


If your application is accepted, you’ll get a letter of introduction from the port of entry, and either

Entry Point:

When you arrive in Canada, give the immigration officer your travel authorization (eTA or visa) together with the letter of introduction.

Study Permit: 

If you fulfil all the conditions, the immigration officer will print and issue your official study permit at the port of entry.


The IRCC will provide a letter outlining the reasons for any refusal. For more information or questions, get in touch with the appropriate office.

Please be aware that processing times are not set in stone and may change. 

What Takes Place If You Miss Your Biometrics Appointment for a Canada Student Visa?

If you can’t make it to your scheduled biometrics session for your Canada Student Visa on time, don’t freak out. Use the online form to get in touch with IRCC, then quickly reschedule your appointment. The course of action you take next will be determined by how well your local Application Support Center (ASC) or Visa Application Center (VAC) is operating.

You can overcome the obstacle of missing your biometrics session and make sure your application for a Canada student visa is processed smoothly by being aware of the requirements and acting promptly.

Validity of Biometrics for Student Visa to Canada

In most cases, you only need to submit your biometrics once every ten years. This holds for applications for work permits, student permits, and visitor visas.

You can rest easy if you submitted biometrics for a Canadian visa application within the previous ten years! You’ll save time and work because they’ll also be utilized for your upcoming applications. 


The delay after submitting your biometrics for a Canada Study Visa might be stressful. Understanding the process and what to expect will help alleviate your nervousness. At CIC Visa, we understand your desire to study in Canada. We are here to help you through each stage of the Canada student visa application process, providing expert guidance and personalized support to increase your chances of success. Don’t allow doubts to stop you from aiming for academic success. Contact CIC Visa the best Canada study visa consultant in Amritsar to schedule a free foreign education consultation and begin your exciting Canadian journey!

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