A comprehensive guide to procuring a Swedish student visa

A comprehensive guide to procuring a Swedish student visa

Sweden is quickly becoming known as an excellent place to seek higher education options. There are numerous advantages to living and studying in Sweden, from its infrastructure to its universities. Continue reading to learn how to obtain a Swedish student visa.
Sweden is a lovely country that values transparency and all that is good and noble in the world. It’s also a great place to get an education. CIC Visa will help to get a student visa in Sweden as they are the best Sweden study visa consultant in Amritsar. If you have already been accepted to a Swedish institution or university, obtaining a Swedish student visa is pretty simple. Take care to follow these instructions. Nothing hurts more than enrolling and then having bureaucracy derail your college aspirations. But don’t worry, help is on the way! This guide will walk you through the entire process of obtaining a Swedish student visa.

Let’s start by distinguishing between a student visa and a resident permit!

Student visa and residence permit

Simply put, if you are not from the EU/EEA and want to travel to Sweden for higher education for up to 90 days, you will need a student visa. If your study duration is more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit.

We will just be discussing student visas in this article. However, it is critical to understand that this critical distinction exists.

The first step is acceptance

  • To obtain a student visa, you must be admitted to a Swedish institution or university. Only after the university application has been successfully submitted is the Swedish Student Visa processed. 
  • Furthermore, an acceptance letter from your preferred university is required to be eligible for a Swedish student visa.
  • The program for which you have applied must be full-time.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the start date of your study program in Sweden.
  • If your program lasts shorter than a year, you must have full health insurance coverage. (Although this is only required for programs lasting less than a year, you should also obtain comprehensive health insurance).
  • Paying the first price installment for your program improves your chances of obtaining a Swedish student visa because it demonstrates your seriousness and dedication to the program.

Documents you need

If you meet the above requirements, you can apply for a Swedish visa. The following documents are required for your application:

Letter of acceptance – You must have an acceptance letter from your university. This must include the program and the length of the full course. This is also a necessity for Ph.D. applicants, with special emphasis on their timetables.

Health Insurance – If your study program is less than a year, this is a required document. Even if your university or college is the insurer, you must always carry your health insurance papers with you.

Financial Support Documentation – This is typically your bank statement demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to meet your living expenses in Sweden FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR ENTIRE STAY. If your bank statement is not in English or Swedish, you must have it translated (and then attested) to English. Scholarship or student aid documents must also be attached (in the case of Ph.D. students, educational grants, or employment in research documentation). If you have used food and lodging, you must have at least 165 EUR in your possession for each month you remain in Sweden. Otherwise, you must provide proof of a monthly income of at least 840 EUR for the duration of your stay.

Passport Photocopy – This is only relevant for the sections that mention your permanent residence, passport validity, and other personal information about yourself.

Proof of a monthly income of at least 840 EUR for the duration of your stay.

How to apply for a Swedish student visa?

Now that you have all of the essential paperwork to obtain your Sweden Student Visa, it is time to schedule your appointment. There are two approaches to this:

Apply online – You can apply via the ‘Swedish Migration Agency Website’, where you will have a reduced wait period and your application will begin processing immediately.

Apply at the Swedish embassy or consulate – Even if it takes longer, an old-school tried-and-true strategy feels more thorough to first-time candidates.

In either instance, the processing time of your application is exclusively determined by the amount of information it contains. You are all set if you have followed this blog and attached all of the previously given information! In any case, the average wait period is 2-3 months. So plan ahead of time to avoid anything interfering with your program’s deadline.


Your email will contain the status of your visa application. You will also be required to submit pictures and have your fingerprints taken (this time at the embassy or consulate, regardless of how you applied for the Student Visa).

Your visa will be approved after one final appointment. Your Student Visa will also be forwarded to your university by the authorities. CIC Visa will keep all processes transparent as you will get to know about every stage of your visa journey. Contact CIC Visa as they are the Top Study Visa consultant in Amritsar.

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